Top Tips To Get Your Child Ready For Preschool

Here are some top tips to take all of the learning and play you are already doing and use it to take that next big step.

The first day of preschool is a big, emotional day, for both parent and child. It is a huge milestone as they enter a whole new phase of their development.

It can be daunting for a parent, as in many cases you have spent the majority of your time taking care of your child. If you feel nervous or either of your have separation anxiety, that is natural.

However, once your child takes that big step and heads to a Manchester preschool near you, they will gain confidence, independence, make new friends and embrace the experience.

Here are some top tips to take all of the learning and play you are already doing and use it to take that next big step.

Prepare Through Play

Children love to pretend and play, so use that to help prepare them for preschool. Set up a little area to act as the preschool and play through the events of a day, from hanging up your backpack to picking them up.

Through this you can not only reassure them but also teach them about basic social skills such as taking turns, joining in and getting someone’s attention, as well as other self-help skills. Puppets, dolls and toys are great tools to help with role play.

Acknowledge Each Others Feelings

It is the start of an exciting adventure, but like most exciting parts of life, it is normal to have worries, and important to listen to your child’s fears, as well as your own.

Not only does this help you to understand what your child is feeling but creates a connection that will nurture their emotional development

Take A Visit

The unknown is often the crux of many fears, so one of the best ways to reduce it is to take a visit to the classroom and meet with the preschool teacher, allowing your child to meet them in a friendly environment.

This will also help both of you understand what to expect during the day, and where your child will store their backpack.


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