Tips For Choosing The Right Nursery For Your Child

Choosing a nursery is a crucial decision for both you and your child. It is vital that your child feels happy and confident in their new environment, and looks forward to going there each day.

You will also need full peace of mind that your child is being properly cared for and mentally stimulated. Here are some helpful points to bear in mind.


Would a nursery close to your home, or close to your workplace be more convenient? This may depend on whether you use a car, public transport, or walk to work, for example. Once you have narrowed down the location, make a list of all the nurseries in your target area.

Research online

Have a look at the nursery’s website. Is it up to date and full of clearly accessible information? Are there testimonials from current carers or parents? Also look around on social media and chat forums for any comments and reviews about the nursery, and read their OFSTED report.

Visit in person

If you like what you see online, arrange to visit in person. Are the staff welcoming and friendly? They should be happy and willing to answer your questions. Does the nursery feel like a clean and safe environment? Think about what atmosphere would suit your child; lively and noisy, or calm and settled?

Assess the facilities

Ask to be shown around the whole nursery. Is there a good range of equipment and materials for play and learning? Is there a safe accessible outdoor space? Look at the meals on offer; do they cater for your child’s needs and tastes? Do they use good quality fresh ingredients for the majority of the dishes?

Ask about the staff

Is there a good ratio of staff to children? Do most of the staff have, or are working towards, qualifications above the minimum level required for their role? What is staff turnover like?

Any staff you meet should be genuinely enthusiastic about their job and interested in each child.

If you are looking for a private nursery in Manchester, please get in touch today!


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