Three Fun Kids Winter Activities

Here are some of our favourite winter activities to keep the kids happy.

The winter months can be tough at the best of times to keep your children engaged, happy and learning. The days are shorter and colder, and sometimes the weather is so bad you can’t take them out for a stroll.

Here are some of our favourite winter activities to keep the kids happy.


Mosaics and sticker sheets are always a lot of fun at pretty much any age, as there is something enjoyably tactile about creating them.

Simply get a colouring page or draw a picture, then get some glue sticks, child-friendly stickers, and a lot of scraps of materials, craft paper, glittery sheets and old magazines. Everyone then cuts up the sheets and uses the little pieces as tiles to fill the picture.

For little toddlers who would ordinarily be going to local day nurseries, simply cut up the little scraps ahead of time and put the glue on for them.

Home Cinema

Whilst everyone is taking full advantage of streaming services and stacks of DVDs, making a little home cinema can really make a fun afternoon of it.

Get cushions or little seats on the floor, print little fake tickets and money and set up a little space in your living room with snacks and watch films together.

Build An Indoor Fort

A joy pretty much at any time of the year, all you need are some chairs or a table, some sheets and some blankets and you can create a little den of imagination.


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