Stay and Play at Newall Day Nursery

We are so pleased with our recent ‘Stay and Play’ sessions and couldn’t wait to tell you all about them!

We are so pleased with our recent ‘Stay and Play’ sessions and couldn’t wait to tell you all about them!

We’ve all heard in the headlines about cuts to government funding which has resulted in the closure of more than 500 Sure Start Centres in England since 2010. What does this mean for our children?

The Sure Start centres offer a number of services but at the heart of the centre are the Stay and Play sessions!

How do we minimise the impact on the future wellbeing of our local children in our community?

We will hold our own!

Case studies have shown Stay and Play sessions have a number of benefits for both our children and parents.

  • Allow parents the chance to meet new people and make friends; offering a change of scenery and the chance to extend your support network.
  • Provides children access to educational resources and fun and exciting activities that you can always try at home (though at our sessions, we clean up afterwards – not you!)
  • Stay and Play sessions have a huge impact on the overall child development and strengthen parent and child interaction and bonds. 
  • Builds on a child’s emotional confidence by allowing them opportunities to create new friendships, explore new environments and make choices.
  • Child initiated play lets children developed their imagination, supports their exploratory impulse, and offers a variety of experiences which will produce creative thinkers in their adult life.
  • When the time comes to seek child care when going back to work or it’s time to access two year funding, you have an idea of how we work and what we are about and feel confident placing your trust in us to care for your child.  

Meet Vicky and Savannah, our baby room team.

Vicky’s aim is to create a choice of fun activities so engaging that your child won’t even realise they are learning, at the same time, giving you, our parents, the chance to meet other families and build a support network of friends in a relaxed environment whilst we get to support our local families and meet some of the wonderful children in our community. Everybody wins!


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