Paintpots Newall Green show appreciation to NHS staff!

Children’s Choices

At Paintpots Day Nursery in Newall Green, Wythenshawe we have a wide and varied curriculum and from time to time enjoy covering topics that our children have been showing particular interest in.

Children at Paintpots in Newall Green have been enjoying role play as Doctors and Nurses.

Using children’s interests to promote opportunities for learning is very important to us. Not only does allowing children to express ideas and interests promote their self esteem, self awareness and confidence; it also allows them to make allows children to progress and learn whilst they are enjoying themselves! After all, who learns better than a child who is engaged and having fun!

Curriculum Links

A child at Paintpots Nursery role plays being a doctor

Lots of our Toddler children have been using the role play corner to dress up as doctors and nurses and have been acting out having their injections. So the team decided to put together a topic that would support this.

The children at Paintpots, Newall Green have been learning about ‘People Who Help Us’.

Nurse Appreciation Week and a Visit to Wythenshawe Hospital

To coincide with Nurse appreciate Week 2019 and the interests of the children in the Toddler room,  we arranged a visit to Wythenshawe Hospital. Our children made thank you cards and we took a special hamper with lots of lovely things to eat and drink.

Paintpots children show their appreciation to NHS workers
Paintpots children using the nurse’s stethoscope to find our heartbeats.

We spent the morning with some very special nurses, had some healthy snacks and the children asked them lots of questions and even got to have a try of some of the medical equipment!

We were then lucky enough to meet some of the patients who the nurses have been taking special care of. They were very pleased to see us!

Paintpots say Thank you to NHS employees

Children at Paintpots in Newall Green visit Wythenshawe hospital to say ‘Thank you’ to the nurses for Nurse Appreciation Week 2019

At Paintpots in Wythenshawe, we understand and appreciate how hard our NHS employees work! As a small token of our appreciation we are now thrilled to announce we will be offering a minimum of 10% discount for any NHS employee. Do you work for the NHS? Book a show around today!


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