Parents Concerned About Children’s Diets For New Term

According to a recent survery over half of parents believe that their children had a healthier diet when they were at home due to the lockdown,

Over half (57 per cent) of parents believe that their children had a healthier diet when they were at home due to the lockdown, according to a survey conducted on behalf of Hovis. However, four out of ten parents fear that they will pick up old bad eating habits on their return to school for the new term.

38 per cent of parents have reported concerns about how healthily their child will eat at school, and 57 per cent have chosen to provide packed lunches, despite schools providing school dinners, up from 40 per cent in pre-lockdown times, reports London TV.

Now, more than eight out of ten parents – 83 per cent – who responded to the survey say they will try to supplement their child’s diet with more nutritional options during the new school year.

95 per cent of these parents stated that sandwiches would be a regular feature, and 59 per cent said that this was because they were a healthier option, quick and easy to make, and also cost-efficient.

Nina Shanahan, head of marketing for Hovis, said: “As health remains a top priority, it is not surprising to see that parents are opting for home-prepared lunches for their children. Not only are sandwiches seen as a healthy option, but as the UK faces a difficult economic period, they are considered a more time and cost-friendly lunch staple.”

She added that it was essential for Hovis to understand the needs of its consumers and provide bread with nutritional benefits so that children can enjoy a variety of packed lunches.

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