Lockdown Has Seen Children’s Development Regress

As any parent will tell you, lockdown was challenging and that was especially the case with young children.

As any parent will tell you, lockdown was challenging and that was especially the case with young children.

Although children’s nurseries in Manchester and elsewhere in the UK reopened following the initial nationwide lockdown, there are indications that some young children’s development regressed during the period in which they were at home with their families.

Nursery World reported on research carried out by Ofsted, which surveyed over 200 early years providers across the UK. Many reported that some of the children in their care had returned from lockdown more anxious and less confident, while others said children were less independent following lockdown. 

The areas where children were most likely to have fallen behind was in their personal, social and emotional development, the survey found, with 53 per cent of providers reporting that the children in their care had fallen behind in these areas since lockdown, with just seven per cent improving and 31 per cent staying at the same level.

The report found that this has resulted in many providers altering the curriculum they’re running with their early years children.

“Many providers have made changes to the resources and routines in their settings and most have increased their teaching of personal hygiene,” the report revealed.

As we recently noted, toddlerhood is an important stage in a child’s development and there are some steps that parents can take to ensure they help raise a happy and healthy child, even in these challenging times.

Our top tips include setting a sleep schedule for your toddler, as well as regularly showing them affection. This is more than simply hugging them, but also involves playing, laughing and talking with your child.


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