We hope everyone enjoys celebrating Mothers day 2019, as much as all of us here at Paintpots Manchester have done.

We hope everyone enjoys celebrating Mothers day 2019, as much as all of us here at Paintpots Manchester have done.

Where did ‘Mothers Day’ come from?

In the Middle Ages it became a custom for families and children who moved away from home to return to where they grew up and visit their home or ‘mother’ churches, on the fourth Sunday from the festival of lent (Christian). Over time this became ‘Mothering Sunday’ and as the dates change each year for lent so does the date for mother’s day.

How we celebrated?

On Friday 29th March we invited all our parents to join us in celebrating Mothers day, with afternoon tea which included sandwiches, scones, cakes and treats. Our parents/carers joined us while their children ate their tea which was a great bonding experience for our children, seeing their nursery family and home family together in their learning environment. This helps us ensure a child can build stronger bonds with their key worker and other staff members as shows our trust and mutual respect we have for one another encouraging the best interest of the child.

Our children joined in crafts with their parents/carers making wooden trinket boxes as gifts, salt dough hearts and personalised super mum canvases.

Different family members joined us to show their support, we had mums, aunties and sisters. Every child displayed great social skills when interacting with their friends families.

It was amazing to see our parent partnership while encouraging children in their learning through our special occasions and variety of crafts set out.

Throughout the week our Paintpots children have been very busy making personalised gifts for their loved ones. We created cards to show our love, keep sakes for parents to treasure, poem cards with each child’s personalised messy hand prints, baking cakes and decorating them with mother’s day accessories and more.


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