Great Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter may not be as free this year but there is lots of fun you can have with your nursery-age children, such as an Easter Egg hunt.

Easter may not be as free this year as it was in pre-pandemic times, but there is lots of fun you can have with your nursery-age children, such as an Easter Egg hunt.

For older kids, such a hunt can be a very simple thing to do: You just need to wrap them up, hide them and say the word “chocolate”. Before you know it, they will have swept the place clean in a whirl of sugar-chasing activity.

At the same time, however, children’s nurseries in Manchester may have a bit more creative fun with younger children. With a bit of ingenuity they, like parents, can tie some more educational and fun activities into the exercise.

You can do this by having a set of clues to tell toddlers where to go to find the eggs. They could be hidden in the house in places like the fridge or under the bed, whereas in nurseries they could be concealed in the furniture there.

Similarly, this can be done outdoors, with eggs hidden among flowers, trees or in pieces of gardening equipment.  Use picture clues for those who are too young to read.

Another clever way to do an indoor hunt is to colour match the foil wrapping on each egg with household items. 

You may find a clever idea is to devise two alternative hunts; one for the garden if the weather is nice and one for indoors if it is not.

To get really creative, you can develop a route so that rather than running back and forth, the youngsters can follow a trail and pick up clues.

Of course, it’s wise to make a few rules. For instance, you can set a limit on how much chocolate each child can have, or one might end up devouring most of the chocolate before anyone else gets a chance.

Don’t forget to add a few chicks, put some bunny ears on your head and make it fun. The kids will have a great time – and so will you!


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