Govt Launches New Package To Support Online Learning

The government has announced that disadvantaged children around England are to receive tablets and laptops to make online learning more accessible

The government has announced that disadvantaged children around England are to receive tablets and laptops in order to make online learning more accessible for those who are staying at home during the pandemic, ordered for children at the most vital stages of their education, as well as those who receive support from social workers and care leavers.

The Oak National Academy launched this week (April 20th), set up by 40 teachers from some of the best schools in England, with support from government grant funding. It will be providing 180 video lessons a week, covering subjects from maths to art and languages, and for every year group from reception up to Year 10.

In addition, 4G routers will be provided to ensure that disadvantaged secondary school students and care leavers have access to the internet in households that don’t already have mobile or broadband internet.

Gavin Williamson, education secretary, said: “Schools will remain closed until the scientific advice changes, which is why we need to support the incredible work teachers are already doing to ensure children continue to receive the education they deserve and need.

“By providing young people with these laptops and tablets and enabling schools to access high quality support, we will enable all children to continue learning now and in the years to come.”

Recent research from has found that almost one in four parents say they are more likely to continue homeschooling their little ones after the pandemic is over. Interestingly, this would help to free up more than two million places in schools – making it more likely that parents would be successful with their first choice of school.

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