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Peterborough University delay 'a kick in the teeth'

A Labour councillor says there is "no clear direction" on a new university for Peterborough. more

The boy who taught himself to play

Student Nuradean Arreythe loved classical music so much he taught himself how to play, even though he doesn't read music or own a piano. more

The mother who lost her daughter over an EpiPen

A mother ran up lawyers' bills of £60,000 fighting to stop her daughter being taken into care. more

Labour pledges to prevent universities from going bust

Universities struggling financially would not be allowed to fail under a Labour government, the party says. more

'Lessons to be learnt' over older Stoke High School pupil

The man, who posed as a 15-year-old pupil, was found to be an adult after an age assessment. more

Climate march students: 'We need change and we need it now'

Students have protested across the UK to air their views on the issue of climate change. We talked to some of those in Manchester. more

Schoolchildren go on strike over climate change

Thousands of people gather in London, as students around the UK miss school to call for action. more

Police plea to schools to cut Northamptonshire gang crime

Police are working with Northamptonshire schools to prevent teenagers being groomed into gangs. more

Why are students striking for the climate and will it have an impact?

Across the UK, students are set to take part in a climate strike, but will it make a difference? more

Unconditional uni offers don't make us lazy, say teenagers

Do students really "take their foot off the gas" if they have unconditional university offers? more