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Pupils sent wrong school entrance exam results

Two grammar schools in Gloucester blame a 'technical error' for some pupils being told they had passed. more

The Venezuelans making a new life in Brazil

Thousands of Venezuelans have fled to Brazil, trying to escape their country's crisis. more

Oct 19, Vote for a better future

We must hold our politicians accountable, because our kids cannot. Vote for representatives who respect facts and democratic norms. People who reject science must not control our children's future. more

Children with problems or problem children?

How do we know if children are misbehaving or mentally ill? more

Girl, 8, walks into school on new prosthetic leg

Friends of Amelia Eldred were ready with a group hug as she walked into school on her new leg. more

Bristol University students face £100 noisy party fine

Repeat offenders face a further fine of up to £250 in Bristol's bid to tackle late night disturbance. more

Michelle Heaton: Menopause is 'more than a hot flush’

Michelle Heaton went through early menopause aged 38 after a hysterectomy. more

'Facebook baby ads taunted me after stillborn'

Anna England-Kerr was shown ads for cots, cribs and IVF, despite trying to turn them off. more

Oxford Conservatives Bullingdon Club ban overturned

Oxford University's Conservative Association cancels a ban on members of the notorious dining club. more

Norwich vigil remembers stillborn babies

They were remembered at candlelit vigil in a city centre. more