Daycare is good for Children and Mothers – Find Out How!

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How are Day Nurseries Beneficial to Young Children?

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Day Nurseries Contribute a Lot to Child’s Advanced Learning and Development

Are you looking for the best daycare centre in Manchester for your child? Get in touch with Paintpots Nurseries. We provide an excellent childcare service in a stimulating environment where your children can learn and play freely. Our day nurseries in Manchester come with all those facilities that are required to fill your child’s formative years with culture, discipline, and education.

Here are the reasons for which you should send your child to our nursery school:

# We follow learning by playing approach: At Paintpots Nurseries, our extremely dedicated staff ensure that a child’s development is play focused, after all that is how children learn. As we believe every child is special, we aim to fulfil the individual needs of all children in our care. We set up an engaging and fun-loving environment, where they are allowed to learn in the form of playing different indoor and outdoor activities all whilst following the EYFS. We encourage all children to be individuals and we are proud of the fact that we have children from over 23 different countries currently attending our settings creating a exciting and diverse Nursery.

Day Nurseries Manchester

# We come with highly experienced staff: As our nursery school is run by well-qualified staff, you can expect your child to come out as more confident and disciplined. We ensure to bring an overall development in your child. We inspire the children to find out their inherent capabilities and nurture them to the fullest. At all our Nurseries in Manchester and Cheshire, your child will have the scope to interact with other children of similar age groups, making their first friends […]

How A Nursery School Can Be Advantageous To Your Child’s Development

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A Daycare Centre Plays an Important Role in a Child’s Growth and Development

The importance of daycare centre for your children development is growing. Generally, children are placed in childcare centre because both parents are working. Paintpots Nurseries, have 4 strategically located nurseries in Greater Manchester and Cheshire, this enables parents to find the one that is convenient to them. […]