Why Paintpots?

Busy Parents choose Paintpots Nurseries

Paintpots Nurseries provide

a caring and nurturing environment

Once you have chosen to send your child to one of our day nurseries, our objective is to provide the highest standards of care and education possible…


With a wealth of play and educational facilities and a high ratio of staff to children Paintpots Manchester is a place where enjoyment and fun are linked with discovery and learning.


With our team of extremely loyal people, we can offer you consistently high standards with a level of continuity that will spark your child’s confidence. We truly believe that if your child is happy to be left in our care and enjoys their nursery day, then we are achieving our biggest goal.


Our nursery staff are recruited on the basis of their sensitivity and responsiveness to the needs of each child. Their warmth and enthusiasm are some of the key reasons why so many of you choose us to provide your childcare.

See for yourselves

Of course you will have lots of questions about how good our facilities are and the high standards of our staff. The best way to answer them is to simply come and see for yourselves.

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