Our Story

Some insight into our beginnings

We wanted to create
a truly caring environment for young children

Andrew Howarth and Nichola Moss established Paintpots Nurseries first day nursery in Manchester city centre in 2006.

As working parents themselves they were acutely aware of the challenges faced by parents when selecting childcare. Their objective was to offer parents a nursery that incorporated complete safety, comfort, fun and learning for their children. Judging by the success of that first nursery they achieved those aims.

Nichola believes they have connected with parents’ deepest emotions:

"We wanted to create a truly caring environment for young children. One where care means personal attention, a desire to nurture and ensuring your child’s wellbeing."

In February 2010 Andrew and Nichola added Hartford Old School House Day Nursery to their portfolio. With its village location in leafy Cheshire there were a few differences in style and approach to take. The fundamentals of a commitment to care remain the same, however.

In the Autumn of 2013 Paintpots Newall Green was opened to serve both the local Wythenshawe community and commuters looking for for high-quality childcare in an easy to reach location.

From Nichola’s perspective this expansion is all about creating opportunity:

"All children respond positively to engagement, participation and enthusiasm. It‘s just great that we can offer that approach to parents to an increasing number of locations across the region"