Children's Activities

Busy Parents choose Paintpots Nurseries

Developing the confidence and capability of your children

We are dedicated in supporting the on-going development of children in our care, through:

Our aim is to develop your child’s communication skills, creativity, self expression, curiosity, self-esteem and confidence

Of course you will have lots of questions about how good our facilities are and the high standards of our staff. The best way to answer them is to simply come and see for yourselves.

Once you have chosen Paintpots “your child’s learning journey begins”. We carefully follow the “Early Years Foundation Stage” guidelines playing close attention to the 7 areas of learning. Your child will be assigned a key worker who will be responsible for their care and development. Individual planning will be designed around your child’s needs providing them with a happy and stimulating environment.
If you have any questions about our approach to child development please use the contact form to get in touch. Alternatively come and see how we work by booking a showround of one of our nurseries today.

Since 2015, we have adopted the on-line learning software, Tapestry, as we have endeavoured to improve the learning and development of our children. Initially launched at our Manchester setting we extended it to our Cheshire setting and then the others in 2016.

The software has the advantage of allowing us to form better links with our parents through an online parents portal and also better track that our children are meeting the learning and development goals. Parents can also contribute to the online ‘learning journey’ enhancing the child’s experience at the Nursery.

Our staff are trained and encouraged to promote the individual learning of all children. We pride ourselves on getting the children to express themselves and to develop confidence with ultimate aim of getting them ‘school ready’ for their reception year entry to Primary school.

In our Manchester setting we make contact with schools al over the North-West and make sure that this transition goes smoothly, whereas at Newall Green and at Hartford in Cheshire the contact with Primary schools is generally much more localised. In all cases, after what has hopefully been a wonderful experience at one of our Day Nurseries, we make sure the next step goes smoothly too.

Paintpots provide care for children from 3 months to 5 years


A high-quality day nursery located in the heart of Manchester city centre


Established nursery serving the needs of many Northwich and Winsford parents


Close to Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester Airport, M56 and Roundthorn